Tuesday, January 14th

Sandra St. Yves
Intuitive & Transformational Coach


Sandra St. Yves works internationally as a gifted intuitive, transformational soul coach, psychic reader, energy worker and healer. Prior to living in Indonesia Sandra held a position as team coordinator and psychology lecturer in applied psychology in the fields of forensic, developmental, abnormality, sports, teaching, and as an examiner for the AQA board in the UK. She established a development a course for adults returning to education, teaching them to recognize and release limitations raising their belief in self. She developed units for Plymouth University in adult education, as well as, holding weekly coaching workshops for Rethink, adults who had been institutionalized and rehabilitated to re-enter mainstream life.
Sandra was invited to Indonesia as part of the leadership team of four international schools across Indonesia as counselor, crisis management and mediation for students, parents and staff, as well as, applying psychological assessments through mainstream tools and the innovative Brain Think computer assessment while she headed special needs. She is owner of Bali Goddess Retreats and founder of Quantum Transformation, an integrated technique of energy work and psychology which assimilates her practice as a spiritual coach, access consciousness bars practitioner, matrix energetics, clinical hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist. Sandra St. Yves is a Reiki Master and Transformational Meditation teacher using these techniques as introductions to teach others to connect with intuition, sense energies and to raise their vibration through uncovering and clearing limiting beliefs in order to connect with their own intuition more fully, trusting the voice of the heart to realize that all answers lie within themselves.

A Journey Into Quantum Transformation

In this interview you will discover

  • Why it is important to be your authentic self
  • Manifesting from your soul instead of your ego
  • Fine-tune your potential by listening to the messages from the Universe
  • Experience an intuitive energetic clearing
  • An explanation about the different dimensions of consciousness

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