Monday February 10th

Nick Martin

Nick Martin


Slightly geeky and adventurous experimentalist with a passion for golf, beaches and Internet technologies. Nick has been involved in countless Internet Marketing projects since 2000 and have built up a ton of various websites. Today his main focus is on practicing the lean startup methodology and teaching WordPress as it’s an AMAZING platform for launching business ideas quickly!
Nick currently surrounds himself with other like minded entrepreneurs living and working together in a complex of villas located on Bali, Indonesia. Nick is part of the management team of this pretty awesome place they call Startup Getaway! Nicks main responsibility is to extend the infrastructure and concept of Startup Getaway to other entrepreneurs who would like to experience living in paradise with like minded people.
Nick also manages a couple of startups and his main focus is on Magloft which simplifies and makes digital magazine publishing available for the masses.

The Truth About Technology

  • The three keys to productivity and creativity in your work
  • How you can become a successful entrepreneur!
  • The most important piece of advice that sets the achievers apart from the failures
  • The in’s and out’s of the start up world
  • How technology is propelling our world forward at warp speed

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