Thursday January 30th

Maryanne Milazzo

Maryanne Milazzo
Award Winning Interior Designer


Maryanne Milazzo is a passionate, qualified, expert, award winning interior designer. She provides specialised executive consulting in architectural and Interior Design fields using her unique design strategies for 1000’s of clients within Australia, the Asia Pacific Region and USA.
After owning several successful interior design businesses and while being a partner in an architectural group she started ‘Energized Interiors’. Her passion is to share her design knowledge with people online in an easy accessible way so that anyone can experience living in spaces that reflect the space that lives inside them in their own unique way helping them to achieve what they want in their lives.
Join us as Maryanne shares her secrets from her years in the design world. She explains how the spaces you live in may be stopping you from getting what you want. Maryanne will share life changing information on why it’s important to create the right energy in the spaces you live in and teaches you how to design and match the vibration and energy of your spaces with your personal goals so that you can start living the life you’ve always wanted full of fun, love, joy, abundance and success.

Using Interior Design to Attract the Life You Want

In this interview with Maryanne you will learn

  • How the design in your home can effect your energy flow
  • Three simple steps that will change the energy flow of your home
  • The importance of connecting to your environment
  • Changes you can make in your home that can improve your romantic relationship

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