Wednesday January 22nd

Jane Walker
Co-Author & Mentor


As the “Wisdom Whisperer”, Janie Walker is the self-effacing Grandma behind the wildly successful mentoring practice,
With a lifetime of serious challenges and celebrations Janie has a unique perspective that brings life to achieving substantial goals. Having raised 7 children whilst creating remarkable family businesses in agriculture, property development and networking, Janie Walker has a story or two to inspire as she helps her clients with the optimism to envisage a better life, courage to adopt a path and persistence to stay the course.
The co-authoring of many success stories with her clients can be attributed to her timeless wisdom. Janie works with clients to break down challenges, firmly believing that it is only by doing something new that we achieve different results. Her mentoring relationships are built on trust and respect, her unique mentoring style sets clients up for success ensuring they realize the outcomes they desire!


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