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During A Unique And Extraordinary Online Event

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Join us on a transformational journey unlike any you’ve ever experienced!

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The Truth Event

Featuring New York Times Best-sellers, Oprah Show Sensations, TED Talk Presenters, Retreat Leaders, Spiritual Luminaries, Masterful Coaches, Marvellous Mentors

Please join Marci Shimoff, Kristine Carlson, Carol Look, Debra Poneman, Sonia Ricotti, Mark Romero, Dr Burry Foss and many others for a series of wonderful conversations with your host, Kim Serafini.

Our extraordinarily successful, international speakers will shine the light on *the truth* about life, us, success, happiness and love. Their wisdom can be found in their books and programs like the ones featured below. Listen in as they share, in one hour each, their *top tips*, their “most prized insights” and their advice that we can all take to heart.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you will be learning throughout the event:

  • Universal Truths About Success
  • Authenticity in Your Work
  • Why is Vulnerability Important?
  • The Power of Integrity
  • Being Humble and Grateful
  • Making a Living Being Yourself
  • Starting Over Again
  • How Spirituality Benefits Entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming a Fear of Failure
  • Learning from Mistakes
  • Accessing Higher Consciousness
  • Processes to Experience more Peace
  • Powerful Energetic Healing Transmissions
  • Using Profound Guided Meditations

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The reality is we all have to learn to love ourselves more, and increasingly become aware of our gifts, talents and strengths, then to use them in the most purposeful way possible. Now to the hard part – acknowledge, accept and adore yourselves, ‘be’ yourselves – the most amazing version of yourselves in order to luxuriate in your passions and live the life of your dreams - being healthy & abundant in all areas! But, how do you do that?


  • Find out about the Universal Truths that will set us all free
  • Have more fun and be more successful
  • Enjoy vibrant health and nurture those we love
  • Devote our precious lives to worthwhile ambitions
  • Jump over life’s hurdles
  • Break down barriers keeping us from moving forward
  • Rise up and meet life’s challenges head on
  • Bust through our limiting beliefs
  • Get to the heart of what’s really holding us up and back

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Ignorance of Universal Truths is not bliss!
  • "The truth hurts" vs The truth sets you free..."
  • "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" vs "Out of sight, out of mind"
Which one fits you? Which one is right? Is there such a thing as “right”? What if you could learn from a few outstanding, caring people who want to share their tips and tools, great ideas, lovely suggestions and wonderful advice so that you can get the best, real help out there. Be in the power and presence of an incredible line up of people who will encourage you to live your dreams and pursue your passions. It is a ‘virtual meeting place’ for creating your ideal life. Engage your beautiful minds with a group of real life stars talking about their courage, set-backs, resilience, authenticity, humility, secrets to success; sharing the tools, techniques and strategies for creating their magic, offering it abundantly, freely and lovingly for your best and highest benefit.
An eye-opening online event where YOU will … YOU will…
  • Discover how to let yourself be YOU and be totally OK
  • Learn about how to access that “playful” aspect of yourself
  • Harness your greatness and expand your potential
  • Tap into the “infinite energy” to give yourself the edge
  • Improve your health, happiness set-point and relationships
  • Unleash your personal power

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