Monday February 3rd

Dr. Burry Foss

Dr. Burry Foss
Certified Human Design Consultant


For the last forty years Burry has specialized in the application of results-oriented management techniques to help transform business operations, accelerate the quality and productivity of information technology as well as other business processes. He has worked with a wide variety of organizations, including the banking, brokerage, oil, gas, pipeline, retail and publishing sectors, in addition, with the utilities industry and public sector.

Dr. Foss retired from full-time consulting in 2006; prior to that he was the Senior Advisor to the Chief Information Officer of the World Bank. As part of his assignment he advised other development banks on the implementation of SAP. Having specialized in business process design and information technology strategy, Burry is now focused on applying Human Design to the improvement of business performance as well as personal Human Design readings. A former Certified Management Consultant, he is now a certified Human Design Consultant through the Human Design Center of Escondido, California. Dr. Foss holds a PhD. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Get to Know Your True Self Through Human Design

  • Learn the truth about successful human beings
  • Understanding who you are and how you operate
  • The surprising truth behind how you make decisions in your life
  • How to understand your partner on a much deeper level
  • Recognize the difference between living a conditioned life vs. a life that is inline with the Universe

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