Thursday January 16th

Aimee Serafini
Women’s Empowerment Coach


Aimee Serafini is a women’s empowerment coach and energy psychology practitioner specializing in helping women to be more courageous in reaching for their dreams by lovingly accepting themselves exactly as they are right now. She is a strong proponent of women using their unique gifts and abilities to change the world into a more peaceful and harmonious place.

Aimee is the author of Loving All of Me: Even the Parts I thought I had to Hate, the creator of the Love Myself Love My Life global event motivating women to learn how to love themselves, as well as, the Loving Food Loving Life event empowering women to explore and heal from emotional eating.

Aimee is a lifelong traveler who has backpacked through more than 50 countries on her own, logging over 5 years on the road. Although she loves to travel, these days Aimee is most passionate about coaching women to love and accept themselves sufficiently to let go of judgments and comparisons in order to feel worthy enough to reach for their dreams.

Self Love Above All

In this interview with Aimee you will learn

  • What is self love and why is it so important?
  • The six steps that lead you to self love
  • A quick self love technique that is easy and fast
  • How “what you say” has an affect on the people you attract into your life

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