i am gr8ful & Serafini Mind Spa Presents

A Beautiful, Transformational Consciousness Event
Created Just for YOU

The Truth Event has assembled some of the most amazing,
inspirational teachers of our time
to share their wisdom
with YOU…

To help you make 2014 better than your wildest dreams!

What is The Truth Event?

The Truth Event is not a one-time seminar, where you attend, get pumped up and leave.

It’s a nearly one-month long event – an hour-long daily fireside chat with your favorite teachers. In the comfort of your home, you listen to such luminaries like Kristine Carlson, Carol Look, Dr. Dain Heer and many, many more.

Imagine… Cup of tea in hand, curled up in your favorite chair, soaking in the wisdom… learning about yourself, receiving the tools and techniques to make positive change… and having a heaping dose of light and love every day for over three weeks!

One day of this is wonderful, soothing, blissful…

Nearly a month is nothing short of spectacular.

They say that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Just imagine, 21 days from now, after a daily dose of positive thinking, inspiration wisdom and powerful energy clearings… this has a real impact on you! Even if you do nothing else. Even if you simply listen and absorb what you hear, you will be transformed.

And when you take action on what you have learned?

Wow. Your life Will Become Magnificent.

Register for The Truth Event now and receive a gift that will truly support your transformation!

The gift is an extremely powerful, scientifically supported technology to help ‘reprogram’ your *other-than-conscious mind* with thousands of high vibration images and potent self-fulfilling prophecies. Created for Serafini Mind Spa by i am gr8ful this tool will become truly treasured.

Speakers Collectively Seen On

If you’re like many of us, you’re facing 2014 with a mix of excitement and doubt. You may have a lot of conflicting thoughts racing around in your mind…

• I DESERVE to have an awesome life! I’m making it happen this year!
• Is this going to be the year I achieve my goals?
• What’s going to get in the way this time?
• How can I start living a better life?
• I’m SO ready to be happy and fulfilled!
• I’m sick and tired of struggling!
• It’s a new year. How can I make this a new beginning?

Facing your dreams – and your challenges – on your own isn’t easy.

Life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual.

But, in the immortal words of the Beatles… “I get by with a little help from my friends.” It is in the spirit of Love, Friendship, Connection and Truth that The Truth Event was born…

… to help you give your life direction,

… to help you clear up confusion,

… to help you release ALL of the limitations and blocks that have held you back!

Are you ready for 2014 to become a year to be remembered
instead of your EXCUSES?

The Truth Event is your Golden Ticket to creating your ideal life, right now…

… no excuses… no fear… no limits… no doubt…

… with the inspiration, motivation and guidance you need…

to put theory into practice and actually MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You will:
• Find out about the Universal Truths that will set you free
• RELEASE your self-imposed limitations!
• Learn how happiness leads to success… not the other way around!
• Learn how to enjoy vibrant health!
• Find out how to devote your precious time to achieving your most important dreams!
• Learn how to jump over life’s hurdles with ease and grace!
• Break down energetic barriers that keep you from moving forward!
• Rise up and meet life’s challenges head on, with confidence and courage!
• Get to the heart of what is really holding you back – and drop it, like a hot potato!
• Learn how a simple daily practice of gratitude will INSTANTLY make you happy and start you on an upward spiral of abundance, health and inner peace.

This extraordinary ordinary online event brings together some truly noteworthy people, who have graciously offered their time and wisdom and have agreed to share never-before-heard secrets on HOW to create the amazing life YOU DESERVE.

• New York Times Best-Selling Authors
• Oprah Show Sensations
• TED Talk Presenters
• Retreat Leaders
• Spiritual Luminaries
• Masterful Coaches
• Thoughtful, Compassionate Mentors

Reserve your spot NOW for the backstage pass to a life of peace, harmony, prosperity and deep connections

Please join luminaries such as Marci Shimoff… Kristine Carlson… Carol Look… Debra Poneman… Sonia Ricotti… Mark Romero… Dr Burry Foss… and many more speakers who will completely transform the way you think about yourself… inspire you to RISE to your potential… and about how to achieve your most beautiful DREAMS.

These people have stood where you stand. They understand what it’s like to feel anxious and worried about their future.

But they have learned the secrets…

the Universal Truths about Life, Love, Happiness and Purpose

and they want to share those Truths with YOU.

Our extraordinarily successful, international speakers will shine the light on THE TRUTH about life, us, success, abundance, happiness, dreams and love.

Their wisdom can be found in their books and programs…

… but The Truth Event is a rare opportunity to listen to intimate and life-changing conversations with people who – as you’ll look back on it later – were the catalysts for your own PERSONAL GREATNESS.

Listen in the comfort of your own home as these inspiring souls share their *top tips*, their most prized insights and most cherished advice…

… with YOU.

For free.

You didn’t “stumble across” The Truth Event by accident

You were meant to be here
It’s the Universe at work, saying
“It’s YOUR turn to shine… and here is the guidance you need!”

The Speakers

Here’s just a small sampling of what you can expect to experience throughout The Truth Event:

• Universal truths about success
• The importance of authenticity in your work
• Why vulnerability is essential
• The power of integrity
• The miraculous results of being humble and grateful
• How to make a living being yourself
• Starting over and reinventing yourself
• How spirituality benefits entrepreneurship
• Overcoming fear of failure
• Learning from mistakes and turning them into personal power
• Accessing Higher Consciousness
• How to experience greater inner peace
• Powerful energetic healing transmissions
• Profound guided meditations
• Nurturing the mind, body and soul
• … and much, much more!

Register for The Truth Event and receive your FREE Enriching Visions Gift!

If you register now, you receive a gift that will support your transformation. The gift is “Enriching Visions” – a powerful, scientifically supported technology to help ‘reprogram’ your *other-than-conscious* mind with thousands of high-vibration images and potent self-fulfilling prophecies created with your health, abundance, success and happiness in mind by iamgr8ful.

Ignorance of Universal Truths is NOT Bliss!

The Truth Event will help you understand and consciously and deliberately APPLY these Universal Laws to your own life.
• No more blundering through life without purpose or direction
• No more wondering “what” action you’re supposed to take
• No more wondering if you have what it takes

Your teachers are waiting!

In this eye-opening Truth Event, you’re in the power and presence of an incredible lineup of luminaries who will encourage and empower you to live your dreams and pursue your passions.

It is a ‘virtual meeting place’ for creating your ideal life!

Engage your beautiful mind with a group of real-life stars talking about

+ how they overcame setbacks
+ how they received the push they needed
+ what you can do to stand on their shoulders and build on their successes

Listen in as they share their most intimate ‘ah-ha’ moments and the pivotal moment when their lives turned around…

And soak in their secrets to success and happiness, their tools, techniques and strategies for creating the lives they live now…

… and all of this, they offer abundantly, freely and lovingly for your best and highest benefit.

Reserve your place in The Truth Event HERE


Join The Truth Event
and say YES to the most amazing life,
created by you,
with a little help from your friends at The Truth Event!


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